Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Proselytizing is an Abomination unto Nuggan

So someone from some local church came around the neighborhood today. I have no idea which. I tossed the flyer out before looking at it. Anyway, they approached me in the parking lot. Normally, I just say no thanks and close the door, but I was walking the dog, and they didn't take my "you'd just be wasting paper" at face value. They had to ask why. I was willing to let it go, but no, they wanted to talk, so I humored them.

Do these people EVER have any new ideas? Oh, wait, they're religious, of course they don't. The last new idea the Christians had was around 2000 years ago. I got the gamut of apologia. I got the "if you see a chair in the woods, would you assume evolution" crap, irreducible complexity, equating evolution with abiogenesis and the big bang. The false dichotomy of if Jesus was in the tomb, he's human, if not, divine. A complete lack of understanding of the burden of proof. Did you know that the Bible has never been proven wrong? And there are no contradictions. No, of course not.

Come back when you have an argument, morons.

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Brandon M said...

Can you show me on the doll where Jesus touched you?